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North Korea


Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on the weekly podcast featuring News, Talk & Laughs. This week on the show, Julie fills us in on what’s happening in North Korea after attending a policy summit at the Bush Library called Light Through the Darkness hosted by President and Mrs. Bush. Where are the concerns for the future of North Korea and the US relationship with that country? According to experts, it’s nuclear weapons and human rights concerns and the two go hand in hand. Julie has the latest thinking from public policy experts, academics and defectors who are making a new life here in the US. Plus, news of a scholarship fund for  North Koreans who make it out of the country and resettle in America. Interested in North Korea and want more information? Julie recommends heading over to this Bush Center link to read the full report on North Korea or follow the hashtag #ExposeNK .


Liz test-rides electric bikes at an E-Bike Expo in Santa Monica.

Lian reports on the Nobel Prize for Literature. Let’s give Patti Smith that Prize instead of Bob Dylan. Patti seems to have the right idea about how to get the most out of your Nobel experience. Read the story from the Los Angeles Times here.

Julie on the Cottage Cheese Comeback. She recommends

American Airlines has new uniforms and they itch. Read about them here.

Amazon tests new stores with no checkout.  Are you ready to Grab & Go?

Picks & Pans: 

Julie recommends two books: A Gentleman in Moscow and Commonweath. Plus, some tips for going to Manchester by the Sea.

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Poldark Season 2 Finale: Ross Rides Again

Satellite Sisters Talk TV
Poldark Season finale!! The Satellite Sisters are here to recap the Season Finale of Poldark Season 2, featuring many many windswept scenes, furious riding, angry mobs, trembling lips, a birthing and a coupling. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the PBS drama in this weekly podcast. It’s the Season Finale, though that seems to have come as a surpass to Julie who was shocked at the amount of story in a single episode. And there was a lot happening in this Season Finale of Poldark. Will Demelza forgive Ross?  Will Elizabeth do something besides stare out the window? Will Dwight join the Navy or continue to dissect himan body parts in Cornwall? Will Caroline exchange that red coat for a blue one?  Will George the Weasal gift his henchman a few sessions at a tanning salon? And finally, when will we see Aunt Agatha standing over that bubbling cauldron, reciting, Double, Double Toil and Trouble? Storylines one at a time: Dwight & Caroline: he joins the Navy and she’s all, “Hey, Sailor..”  George & Elizabeth: George builds a wall, tosses out the poor and belives in boarding school. Elizabeth is preggers.  Ross & Demelza: She’s not all that impressed by the tin, the new man, Elizabeth’s set-up. Ross plays matchmaker, town leaders and then sweeps in and gets to be a hero. But will their renewed love stand the test of time and that baby Elizabeth brings into the windswept World of Cornwall.
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Madam Secretary Recap: Election Night Show Tunes!

Satellite Sisters Talk TV

It’s Election Night again! Woo-Hoo! At least on TV. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama Madam Secretary. This week, it’s Season 3, Episode 8 called Breakout Capacity. Julie tells us that phrase has something to do with the production of nuclear weapons, but Lian thinks it’s really more about show tunes at the piano bar. We started to sweat a little when we heard the words “electoral college; and “Ohio is in play” in the opening scenes, but when we realized it was Dalton up for re-election, we relaxed. Listen as we break down the three story lines in this episode of Madam Secretary. Diplomatic Crises on Election Night: the nuclear deal that the admin negotiated with Russia and Iran is in jeopardy!  The staff on Election Night: which is apparently the one day in DC when everyone goes crazy, drinks a lot, sings showtunes and sleeps with fremenies.  Those wonks at the Department of State needs to get out more often because they all made some socially awkward choices. And on the home front: Jason goes Oppo and Henry has to school him on keeping your mouth shut until you actually know something. Hahahahahaha.  In our Binders Full of Blouses, MSEc scores with two gorgeous white pleated numbers that Julie thinks every woman should own. And props to the accessories this week on Madam Secretary. Who wins the election, you ask? Well, we’ll have to wait until January to see. But really, we all win. Because Bess is the best.


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Secret Santa, Ombre Lips and Vitamin Reality Check

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Secret Santa, Health Tips, The Crown

So let us get this straight. Queen Elizabeth got to rule on who Princess Margaret married? The Satellite Sisters shudder to imagine the same scenario on our family.

So let us get this straight. Queen Elizabeth got to rule on who Princess Margaret married? The Satellite Sisters shudder to imagine the same scenario in our family.

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Lian tells us about her Secret Santa shopping, Liz has health tips on vitamins and supplements and we both talk about The Crown. Plus Cyber Monday recap, new travel trends and crafting, a warning about a supposed beauty trend and The Crown on Netflix.

First up, Julie is off today at a policy forum on the subject of North Korea.  For reelz! Check it out.

Liz does some Cyber Monday shopping at Julie’s favorite purveyor of holiday treats: Harry & David. Plus she shares a story in the L A Times about holiday scams to watch out for: online rackets and work from home offers you should avoid.

Real Simple ombre lips Satellite Sisters

Ombre lips? Real Simple recommends it. Lian explains it. We are not buying it. You?

Lian’s got a hot travel trend.  Check out this story on Travel and CRAFTING! And a cultural trend: Breaking opera news! Read all about it. Plus a beauty trend that Lian is not too sure would look good on any of us. Check out Ombre Lips from Real Simple.

Jane Brody is the longtime well-respected personal health columnist at the New York Times.  Last week she ran this story on Which Supplements, If Any, May Be Worth Your Money.  Liz and Lian each share their approach in this area.

If you have not watched The Crown on Netflix, Liz and Lian recommend it for its very insightful storytelling about the pressures on a young Queen Elizabeth when she first was crowned.

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Totally quoted Henry McCord last night when my son was arguing that something would not occur in reality, because he believed that it principle it should not occur. Admired his principles but told him if he was going to speak on the issue he should educate himself on it first. #thanksmadamsecretary ... See MoreSee Less

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