Satelllite Sisters Podcast: News, talk and an apology to Greta Gerwig.

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Julie, Liz, Sheila and Lian discuss where heroes come from.  In a story in the New York Times, evolutionary dynamicists (whatever that means) tell us how evolution has favored heroes.  Thank goodness.

Sheila is trying to give up sugar.  She has a list of food she has had to deny herself.  It’s not easy.  She also has a few new restaurant names around Pasadena and Altadena that are bugging her.  What do you think? Liz questions a couple of new anti-aging practices: one is this face fitness program in New York and the other is an anti-aging potion she saw advertised that allegedly “battles graying”.

Julie likes many things about this movie including Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan, but she has one giant issue to get off her chest.

Julie likes many things about this movie including Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan, but she has one giant issue to get off her chest.


Julie has some commentary on two new movies:  She has a cultural issue with No Escape starting Owen Wilson and Lake Bell, and recommends Mistress America starring Greta Gerwig.  Speaking of Greta, we hereby issue an apology to Greta for the misinformation we spread about her midway through the show which we correct by the end.  Oops.  Here’s her bio from IMDB. Love ya, greta!

Lian wants to draw our attention to this wedding announcement in the New York Times for one tiny detail: the romantic theatrical gesture of the pearl and the kiss.  She thinks maybe Sheila and Liz could find romantic partners on the stage!

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Black Holes & Student Loans


What exactly is the meaning of this? Julie goes deep on trash.

What exactly is the meaning of this? Julie goes deep on trash.

Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on the Tuesday #podcast. Usually we go deep on shallow topics. But today, we’re going shallow on deep topics. We explain Black Holes, solve the Student Loans problem and slow the drought through Shower Songs.


Back To School Block: where are all the school kids and keep posting those back to school photos!

More Millennials  Who are their parents? You are Boomers! But that’s okay because there ae many lovely, well-raised Millennials and we know the Satellite Sisterhood has raised them.

Lian Explains Stephen Hawking’s new theory about Black Holes. Amazingly, SH and Lian are asking the same questions about the universe.

Parisian bakers finally get to take a vacation in August and Parisians are forced to eat grocery store bread.

Female Viagra & the Satellite Sisters: Yes or no?

Book Recommendation:

A wonderful meditation on your life's work & its connection to your spirituality

A wonderful meditation on your life’s work & its connection to your spirituality


 Finding Livlihood by Nancy Nordenson  

Our niece’s mother-in-law has written a beautiful meditation on the connection between finding your life’s work and spirituality.

Finding Livelihood is a book about work for grown-ups. It’s about not just the work we thought we wanted but about the work we found and the work that found us. It’s also about the work we have lost. At once a shrewd challenge of Buechner’s assertion that “the place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet” and also a lyrical journey to the place where labor and love meet, Finding Livelihood explores the tensions between the planned life and the given, between desire and need, between aspirations and limits.

Through story, collage, and juxtaposition, Finding Livelihood invites you to consider work in its many facets. Who gets to decide if our work is “good”? How do we deal with forces and routines that leave us longing for escape? How do questions about money and meaning change when you are holding a pink slip in your hand? How are we transformed when our current work becomes part of a spiritual journey that encompasses all of life?

Drawing from thinkers as diverse as St. Aquinas, Josef Pieper, and Simone Weil, Nordenson affirms the doctrine of imago Dei and brings it into the real world of work: a world full of brokenness and hope, of dead-end jobs and live-saving interventions, of daily bread and transcendent meaning. In the midst of it all, we find our livelihood.

I really loved the essays in Chapter Ten: On Buffers. There is so much to be learned in embracing the concept of Rise up and Live. A wonderful gift book for yourself as you examine your work life or of others who find themselves at a career crossroads.


Listen to to a wonderful interview with Nancy Nordenson here on the Mere Fidelity podcast 


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Ashley Madison Scandal & Best Beaches


Julie picks a Best Beach for every sister.

Julie picks a Best Beach for every sister.

Today on the Satellite Sisters Podcast, Monica Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan tackle the world one cup of coffee at a time. Monica has a Contractor Nightmare and wants to know if she handled it correctly. Plus, should you take your cat on vacation? And speaking of vacation, Julie has the World’s Best Beaches. 

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International News Round-up: From hero Americans to North Korea to the World’s Best beaches. There’s one beach for every sister!

Cats on Vacation: Yes or No? Satellite Sisterhood, please weigh in.

The World’s Most Expensive Underwear  How much would you spend on a pair of panties. Is your life worth $100 panties? Check out these Zimmerli style and decide. 

Instagram Tip! Let’s all follow Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.  Follow @elisestafenik as she eats cheese! Rides on tractors! Goes for a run in her pink sneakers! Find Congresswoman Stefanik’s website. 


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Author Interview With Elisabeth Egan


A funny, heartfelt story of a sandwich generation heroine.

A funny, heartfelt story of a sandwich generation heroine.


The Satellite Sisters Word Write Author Interviews continue with a conversation with Elisabeth Egan, debut novelist of A Window Opens. Author Egan tells us about her leap from the business side of the books business to the author side. She penned her first novel at her daughter’s swim team practice and on her commuter train. The result is A Window Opens, a warm, funny tale of woman caught between work, life and books. Lian Dolan talks to Elisabeth Egan about her writing process, the discipline she used to get the book written day-by-day, what working in the book business taught her about writing her first novel.  

About the Author

Elisabeth Egan

ELISABETH EGAN is the books editor at Glamour. Her essays and book reviews have appeared in Self, Glamour, O, People, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Huffington Post, The New York Times Book Review, LA Times Book Review, The Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times; and Newark Star-Ledger. She lives in New Jersey with her family.

For more information about Elisabeth Egan and her work, please visit her website. 



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