Describe Your Best Friend, Plus Baby News & Outlander

New Satellite Sisters book coming in 2015 . #YTB

Contribute to the new Satellite Sisters book “You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship.”

Contribute to our new book You’re The Best: A Celebration of Friendship.  We need your help to make this the best book ever! Give us three words that decsribe your Best Friend. Any Combination of Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs is good. Then, we want to know the name of your Fictional Best Friend. What fictional character from books, TV, Music or Movies would you want to hang out with? maybe it’s a Celeb that you have no chance of ever meeting but who you think looks really cool and you could be friends. We’ll take that, too. Give us your answers here. 

As requested, we discuss the notion of safe spaces and free speech on college campuses. Are college kids afraid to mix it up intellectually these days? Or is providing safe spaces a good idea. From the New York Times: In College and Hiding from scary ideas: 


 Advice for all! 15 Habits of Rich People according to More Magazine. Respond to voicemail, People! And get up before dark.

Julie has a baby pod. It includes breaking news on this crazy Brooklyn Baby story!  Read the NY Post story here: Baby in an Uber! 

Plus: Dog News from Lian

Outlander Returns and so does Sister Sassenach


#YTB Tell Us About Your Best Friend & Your Fictional Bestie


New Satellite Sisters book coming in 2015 . #YTB

The new Satellite Sisters book “You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship” is a thank you note to your own Satellite Sisters. It’s coming in September 2015 from Prospect Park Books. #YTB

We need you again, Satellite Sisterhood! This time, we want to hear about your best friend and then we want to hear about your fictional best friend. Each contribution will be considered separately for publication in our new book You’re The Best: A Celebration of Friendship coming out in September 2015 from Porspect Park Books. You did a wonderful job giving us the name of your group of girlfriends so now we want to hear from you about these two questions:


  • Give us Three Words that describe your Best Friend. Adjectives, nouns, adverbs! We don’t care, but we only need three.
  • Tell is about your Fictional Best Friend! Is it Rachel? Is it Mary Tyler Moore? Is it Katniss Everdeen? We want to know a fictional character from TV, Books, Movies, Songs that you think you could totally be friends with. Or maybe it’s a celebrity that you have no shot of ever befriending but in all those interviews she just seems like she’s really nice and would be a fantastic person to hang out with? Give is the name of your Fake BFF.


That’s it, Satellite Sisterhood. Thanks so much for your support.

To be considered for publication in You’re The Best, please leave a comment below with the name of your group.  Here is the legal stuff: By leaving a comment here on satellite, you are giving Satellite Sisters, Mudbath Productions and Prospect Park Books permission to use your comment in You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship. Leaving a comments does not guarantee that your work will be in the book, only that you allow it be in the book. There is no compensation for contributing.  Only comments left on the blog will be considered for publication. Deadline for comments fro consideration: April 3 2015 at midnight PST


Women at Work, Interrupt More to Get Ahead!

Lian tries to test drive a Fiat Abarth but car dealers refuse to let her. Way to go, Fiat!

Lian tries to test drive a Fiat Abarth but car dealers refuse to let her. Way to go, Fiat!

Liz Dolan and Lian Dolan on the  Satellite Sisters podcast today. Listen up, Women at Work, because today we discuss speaking up at the office.  Do women need to interrupt more to get ahead in the workplace?  Liz Dolan, CMO, gets worked up about Gender Discrimination in the workplace, the Ellen Pao/ Kleiner Perkins Lawsuit. Plus, Speaking up at the office, Interrupting to Disrupt and 10 words every girl should know. Get the latest on the situation from the New York Times here. 


In my personal experience, it’s not always the loudest person in the room who is the smartest. And, no one interrupts the most powerful person in the room, the boss. Liz Dolan, Corporate Big Wig

Plus, the Test Drive that Wasn’t. Why is buying a car such a terrible experience? Doesn’t anyone test drive cars anymore? Lian Dolan on her epic car buying fail. She tried to test drive a Fiat Abarth and Cooper S, but the car dealers refused.  Three dealerships, zero test drives. Thanks, Brittany at the Glendale VW dealership who managed to get the Volkswagen GTI off the floor and onto the road. I loved it. Ciao, Fiat.

Travel News: New hotels for Millenials! The LA Times gives us the future of travel and here it is: It’s all about the Wifi  and the lobby. Get ready to check in on your phone, get food delivered from robots and spend time in communal lobby.  And, Liz goes to Poland and Auschwitz.

Plus, Contribute to You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship. Tell us the name of your group of girlfriends and you may be in our book. Please leave your entries here:


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Celebrate your friendships! Tell us the name of your Group of Girlfriends. 

Lian Dolan’s book, Elizabeth the First Wife is the Kindle Daily Deal. Romance! Comedy! Shakespeare for  $1.99.


Angelina Jolie makes us all think about Health

My friends ( and recipe developer) Sarah Tenaglia made us Spiked Spa Water on our girls weekend. Click here to buy the book.

My friends (and recipe developer) Sarah Tenaglia made us Spiked Spa Water on our girls weekend. Click here to buy the book.

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday Podcast, so that means we’re going deep on Shallow Topics, except women’s health issues which is not a shallow topic. And not so shallow that we don’t invite you  to contribute to the Satellite Sisters new book, You’re The Best: A Celebration of Friendship. Set to be Published by Prospect Park Books in September but you can add your voice now.

Here’s the Information:

Lian’s Girls Weekend included delicious cocktails like Spiked Spa Water by my talented friend Sarah Tenaglia, whose new book is out filled with delicious recipes for punches and cocktails. Find Punch Bowls and Pitcher Books: Recipes for Big Batch Cocktails

In the news today, Angelina Jolie goes public on a big health decision.  She decided to have her ovaries and her Fallopian tubes removed. Read all about it here in the New York Times.  We talk about how much we want to know about our genetic history and medical make-up.

Plus, Tuesday Trends like,  Stupid Real Estate Investments. Alert Shirts and Haptics at SXSW and Bed Bath and Beyond introduces Home Dry Cleaning. Are you in?

Cinderella was not a hooker.

In Broadway news we’re psyched to see Beautiful: the Carole King musical on the bigs screen. But not at all psyched to see that Pretty Woman is headed to Broadway. Hear why Lian thinks Pretty Woman is one of the most dangerous movies ever made.  Plus Triscuits and Toast, of course.