First Ladies Desk Weighs In On Melania Flap

Satellite Sister Julie Dolan reviews Melania Trump speech

Ask not what your Satellite Sisters can do for you.  Julie Dolan springs to action at the First Ladies Desk to tackle the Melania Trump speech flap.

On today’s Satellite Sister podcast, Julie Dolan weighs in from the First Ladies Desk.  What the heck is going on with Melania Trump’s speech last night?  We don’t know and we don’t like it.  Did she write it?  Did someone else? Who in their right mind would think they could get away with ripping off Michele Obama’s speech?  Oh, brother.  Or as our mother would say “Isabel, feel my heart.”

Luckily, Liz has good news about America and has a letter to prove it. We are all going to be fine, people.  On the other hand, Julie went to a lecture by two Brookings Institute experts on Radical Islam.  How do we work this into a Tuesday show?  By adding an excellent palate cleanser about Pippa Middleton, of course!

Julie has also breaking Olympic news about the Russian delegation.  Will they be banned for doping in Sochi?  Will the IOC act? Once again, we don’t know but we don’t like it.  There is some good news from Rio all about Super Thursday later this week.

Satellite Sisters recommend Ghostbusters

Need a respite from all the bad news and negativity? Who you gonna call? We recommend a little kombucha and an afternoon show of Ghostbusters.

Yesterday in our Facebook Group, Liz asked an urgent question of the Satellite Sisterhood. How should she spend Monday?  Restorative Yoga or a midday show of Ghostbusters?  Well, we have the answer. Ghostbusters! Liz shares her top three reasons to go see this movie.  It’s a hoot and a much needed alternative to what’s going on in the real world.

Plus, for the first time ever on Satellite Sisters, Liz does a live taste test of kombucha. She maligned the beverage last week without ever really tasting it, so in the interests of journalism, she sips her first Humm kombucha, mango passion fruit flavor.

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A Satellite Sister directed Jessica Lange?

On today’s Satellite Sisters New To You show, we bring you a show from July 2012 .  This show features Sheila, Liz and Lian on everything from directing Jessica Lange to curing plantar fasciitis.  You aren’t going to get that on other podcasts! Plus, our Olympic excitement grows as we listen back to this talk about London 2012.

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Satellite Sisters Outlander Recap and Olympic Announcement

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Julie, Lian and Liz come to you from Steamboat Springs. CO, Pasadena CA and Bend, OR.  It’s a jammed packed Tuesday show from Pokemon Go to our Outlander Recap but we start with Julie’s thoughts about being a resident of Dallas in light of the awful violence there last week.  Julie recommends this front page editorial for the Dallas Morning News and reflects on the great leadership shown by Police Chief David O. Brown.

Julie also fills us in on her project this week.  She is with her husband and sisters-in-law emptying her in-laws home in rural Colorado.  They both passed away last year after 50 years in this home.

Thank goodness Lian is on Satellite Sisters today to explain PokemonGO to Julie and Liz. Pikachu in the house!

Thank goodness Lian is on Satellite Sisters today to explain PokemonGO to Julie and Liz. Pikachu in the house!

In other news, Lian is totally down with the new Pokemon Go craze. She explains it to her older sisters.  Here’s a starter guide for the rest of you. We are also super-excited about the Olympic Trials and have logged lots of hours watching the Track + Field, Swmming, and Gymnastics Trials.  Rio!  Bring it on!

Liz and Lian are so on board that they announce today that they are both GOING to Rio for the Games.  Woo hoo!  Despite all the negative advance press, they are rising above the mosquitoes and heading south next month. Lian has become the world’s leading expert on Zika and Deet.  It’s all about the socks, she figures.  She also got a funny pitch about a new product she is curious about: Nudy Patooty tops.  Whaa??  Liz runs down some tickets that they’ve already secured and plans for how to get their hands on the rest.  Beach volleyball on Copacabana at midnight.  We are IN!!!

Want to find out who is crazy enough to go to the Rio Olympics next months? You can find out on today's Satellite Sisters. Already feeling the mascot love.

Want to find out who is crazy enough to go to the Rio Olympics next month? Listen to today’s Satellite Sisters. We are already feeling the mascot love.

Julie and Lian close season 2 of Outlander with a full-on recap and some looking-forward to next season.  The finale was the episode they’ve been waiting for all year.

Finally, a Satellite Sisters Shout-Out to 3 Solid Gold Satellite Sisters who are having a big week: Serena Williams, boffo at Wimbledon this weekend, Theresa May, new Prime Minister of the UK, and Malala Yousefzai on her 19th birthday. Solid work, sisters!

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Satellite Sister Julie Confesses Cowboy Crush

On today’s Satellite Sisters, we bring you a New To You show from July 31, 2011.  On this show, Liz, Julie and Monica cover the world from Constantinople to a cowboy crush.  Liz is in Santa Monica but just back from Istanbul.  Julie is in Steamboat Springs. CO.  Monica is in Bend, Oregon.

On today's New To You Satellite Sisters show, Julie confesses that she's developed a little bit of a rodeo cowboy crush. Really, who can blame her.

On today’s New To You Satellite Sisters show, Julie confesses that she’s developed a little bit of a rodeo cowboy crush. Really, who can blame her?

We start with Liz telling us about her quick fun trip to the fascinating Istanbul, Turkey.  It’s mainly a work trip but she still has time for a speed tour of this beautiful city that bridges Europe and Asia.  Julie agrees that it’s a unique and gorgeous place but assures Liz that she didn’t miss anything by not taking a Turkish bath.  She tried it and did not like it.  Apparently those turkish towels are painful.  Liz also takes our parents Edna and Jim along with sister Sheila to a fun night at the Hollywood BowlMichael Feinstein, a gorgeous LA night and a gourmet picnic.  Delightful.

Julie is on her own in Steamboat this week and is using her time to develop a crush on the local rodeo cowboys and log some serious hours marathoning ‘Say Yes To The Dress”. She finds TLC a good tonic to the negative news of the day.

Monica is hosting our nephews in Bend, including a sleepover with some Jackass viewing that Lian might not approve.  She also wants to test a a Craigslist ad she saw.  This guy will come over and wash your dishes while you watch TV.  Really?  Does that include pots and pans??

Tune in this Tuesday July 12 for our super special Satellite Sisters Outlander Recap of Season 2.  Lian and Julie will be ready to go. For a previous Outlander Recap, listen here.

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