Who’s Afraid of Vladimir Putin? Not Julie Dolan.

Vladimir Putin on a bear.

Julie Dolan is our in-house Vladimir Putin expert so she’s got a unique perspective on both the DNC hack and the Olympic doping scheme. Russian intelligence has been using the code names Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. The Russians love their bears.

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Julie and Liz take on the Russian intelligence apparatus.  Vladimir Putin has been a specialty of Julie’s for many years since she lived on Moscow, so we had a perspective on two major stories involving him: 1) the DNC hack and 2) doping at the Olympics.  The Russians have been using the code names Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear so Liz believes it’s imperative that Julie choose an appropriate bear-related code name for herself.  She has many suggestions in the bear family across television and literature.  Julie also gives fleeting thought to the fact that her grandchildren hold both US and Russian passports so maybe she could train them to step in and fill in for a few banned Russian athletes?? Or maybe not.

Julie also has breaking science news about a new category of women called Super Flashers.  It sounds fun, but we are here to tell you that it is not. Sorry, sisters.  More bad news about menopause.

Liz introduces our special guest longtime friend, executive producer and sixth sister Corny Koehl.  Corny helped create Satellite Sisters at ABC Radio, then moved on to Harpo Radio to produce both Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey herself.  Now she’s on a gap year of her own which happens to coincide with Liz’s gap year.  You can follow Corny’s life journey with her dog Bitsy on Twitter. @CornyKoehl

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Approval Junkie Faith Salie Visits.

Thanks, Faith Salie for a fun discussion about your new book Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much. We think many in the Satellite Sisterhood might suffer from the same syndrome. Red flags!

Thanks, Faith Salie for a fun discussion about your new book Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much. We think many in the Satellite Sisterhood might suffer from the same syndrome. Red flags!

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Faith Salie is our special guest.  Faith’s new book is Approval Junkie: Adventures In Caring Too Much. You know Faith from her commentaries on CBS Sunday Morning and as a panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

In our discussion of Approval Junkie, Liz raises three red flags with Faith.  1) Marrying her “wasband”, 2) seeking fame as a sitcom star, and 3) coming out against pets on CBS Sunday Morning.  On this third item, we respect her POV and desire to speak her pet truth on this but for God’s sake Faith, NEVER read the comments!  She knows that now.  We re sorry she learned the hard way.  Whether its about the new Ghostbusters or female candidates like Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, the comments section is where it gets ugly.

Also on today’s show, we discuss the fall of Roger Ailes at Fox News after the accusation of sexual harassment brought forward by Gretchen Carlson.  Julie raised this issue on last week’s podcast.  It takes a lot for a woman to step forward and accuse a man in power of abusing that power.  Kudos to you, Gretchen.  You know what we have to say on this: #staynoisy.  Here’s the New York Times story on the culture inside Fox News that allowed sexual harassment to continue.

Ferris dogs wearing pink socks

This is not Ferris. This is a stunt dog. This stunt dog is wearing the pink socks that Liz talks about on today’s show. Ferris would not pose for a photo.

Liz has a lot of explaining to do about the pink booties she bought for Ferris.  He’s an old guy now and has trouble standing.  He needed some gripping socks but did they have to be pink??

Julie starts Nana Camp in Colorado this week.  Its all about outdoor activities but with plenty of time set aside for naps.  For all.

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First Ladies Desk Weighs In On Melania Flap

Satellite Sister Julie Dolan reviews Melania Trump speech

Ask not what your Satellite Sisters can do for you.  Julie Dolan springs to action at the First Ladies Desk to tackle the Melania Trump speech flap.

On today’s Satellite Sister podcast, Julie Dolan weighs in from the First Ladies Desk.  What the heck is going on with Melania Trump’s speech last night?  We don’t know and we don’t like it.  Did she write it?  Did someone else? Who in their right mind would think they could get away with ripping off Michele Obama’s speech?  Oh, brother.  Or as our mother would say “Isabel, feel my heart.”

Luckily, Liz has good news about America and has a letter to prove it. We are all going to be fine, people.  On the other hand, Julie went to a lecture by two Brookings Institute experts on Radical Islam.  How do we work this into a Tuesday show?  By adding an excellent palate cleanser about Pippa Middleton, of course!

Julie has also breaking Olympic news about the Russian delegation.  Will they be banned for doping in Sochi?  Will the IOC act? Once again, we don’t know but we don’t like it.  There is some good news from Rio all about Super Thursday later this week.

Satellite Sisters recommend Ghostbusters

Need a respite from all the bad news and negativity? Who you gonna call? We recommend a little kombucha and an afternoon show of Ghostbusters.

Yesterday in our Facebook Group, Liz asked an urgent question of the Satellite Sisterhood. How should she spend Monday?  Restorative Yoga or a midday show of Ghostbusters?  Well, we have the answer. Ghostbusters! Liz shares her top three reasons to go see this movie.  It’s a hoot and a much needed alternative to what’s going on in the real world.

Plus, for the first time ever on Satellite Sisters, Liz does a live taste test of kombucha. She maligned the beverage last week without ever really tasting it, so in the interests of journalism, she sips her first Humm kombucha, mango passion fruit flavor.

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A Satellite Sister directed Jessica Lange?

On today’s Satellite Sisters New To You show, we bring you a show from July 2012 .  This show features Sheila, Liz and Lian on everything from directing Jessica Lange to curing plantar fasciitis.  You aren’t going to get that on other podcasts! Plus, our Olympic excitement grows as we listen back to this talk about London 2012.

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