Outlander Season Finale & Our Re-cap


What happened to time-travelling, swash-buckling, Kilt-wearing Jamie? For one Satellite Sister, it was all too much.

What happened to time-travelling, swash-buckling, kilt-wearing Jamie? The shocking, controversial Season 1 Finale. For one Satellite Sister, it was all too much.

Julie and Lian Dolan on the Tuesday podcast. We usually go light on Tuesday but this show is dark, dark, dark. The Outlander Season Finale: For one Satellite Sister, it was all too much. Gobsmacked is not a strong enough word. The Outlander Season Finale pulls no punches in terms of showing a violent sexual assualt. What did you think of this controversial episode? Split decision from the Sisters. Our Outlander re-cap takes a shocking turn.


Caitlyn Jenner: Our first impressions about the revolutionary Vanity Fair cover. We previously discussed the Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer. Listen here. 

Men AdriftThe Economist’s cover story about just how far men are failing behind in Western educted countries. What are the solutions to solving the Men Crisis, unemployed, uninvolved in family life and socially adrift. Read the story here. 

The Locks are off: Romantic Gesture? Or Vandalism? Julie and Lian discuss the locks on various bridges around the world. Find the No Love Locks website here. 

Mandatory Community Service, Pros and Cons. Well, mainly just cons from Lian

Whole Foods meets Stand-up Comedy. What could be better for Enetertaining Sheila.

Add a little Scandanavian into your life. And we’re not talking meatballs!

Plus, More Triscuits! We discuss more flavors, lian test tastes the Balsamic Vinegar & basil flavor. Plus, another riduculous recipe! Thanks, Triscuit. You’re more than a cracker.


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Reading with Robin

Listen to Lian Dolan interviewed on Reading with Robin on Friday afternoon at 4:30 EST. Find the podcast and live streaming information here. Robin has lots of great interview with writers. happy to be on her list. http://readingwithrobin.com


Satellite Sister Julie Buys and Unbuys A House.

On today’s Satellite Sisters show, Satellite Sister Julie buys and unbuys a house. What? Wait. Why? Blame it on the hatch. And no, this is not an episode of LOST.

Monica has good news for Julie about parallel parking. No need to ever learn. Monica also has good news for Liz about an unstainable shirt. It’s a potential lifesaver for Liz, a lifelong stainer.

Liz has a terrifying tale of her ferocious Ferris trapping an unsuspecting painter in her bedroom. Sorry, Steve. It’s not the first time Liz has gotten a message at work about a wild animal in her home. Who remembers the tale of the raccoon enjoying life on her living couch?

images-2Julie has a movie quiz for the sisters about the new movie Aloha. Despite what you’ve heard on Rotten Tomatoes,  Julie enthusiastically endorses Aloha.  She calls it  “pleasant” and “”it’s not going to kill you.” Really makes you want to run right out, right? Julie says “Yes, a fine movie to see in Texas during a 300 year flood.”

Breaking news on Triscuits, people.  Have you heard about Martha Stewart’s new flavor?  It’s all part of a “celebrity Triscuit” effort.  We’ve got some ideas about Satellite Sisters triscuits, including Monica’s completely breakthrough flavor idea.  No new we can’t even write it here.  You have to listen. We are not in business with Triscuits in any way, but we are longtime lovers of the savory cracker.

Other items:

Mindy Kaling is going to have her own Satellite Sister on The Mindy Project this year.  Yeah. Congratulations, Sister.

Paul McCartney has changed his policy on pot.  Thanks, grandpa.

Don’t forget to watch the Women’s World Cup that starts Saturday June 6.

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Outlander Re-Cap and Machu Picchu, Part Dos


Outlander returns and so does Sister Sassenach, our re-cap.

Outlander is dark, dark, dark  and so is Sister Sassenach, our re-cap.Bring back Clean Jamie!

Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on the Tuesday Satellite Sister Podcast. We re-cap last week’s episode of Outlander, the darkest episode yet. In tone, content and frankly, you just really couldn’t see some of the scenes because that dang prison was so dark. It was all downhill for Jamie and Claire this week n the show and we are reeling that we head into the season finale of Outlander. 

Julie has more tips for Machu Picchu. Plus, Yosemite, Appalachian Trail and Mt. Kilamanjaro

The End of High School: One parent is thrilled to no longer be a school parent. Read Joe Queenan’s piece in the Wall Street Journal called School’s Out Forever  Are you happy your school daze are over?

Poor Little Rich Wives  by Wednesday Martin One athropologist’s look at the women of the Upper East Side. We discuss the lives of these modern women and whether or not the “wife bonus’ is a real thing. Read the article here by Wednesday Martin.  

Food trends: 

Chefs want you to eat every, even the cauliflour core

The Doritos Effect  Why junk food is like heroin. Read about the book here. 


Now do you remember Lemon Up? the juice of one whole lemon, people.

Now do you remember Lemon Up? the juice of one whole lemon, people.

Vermont Country Store:

Lemon Up and Snoopy Pajamas. Whaaaat? Yes, only at the store that time forgot. Find the link to Lemon Up here. 

And here’s the link to the Snoopy pajamas in case you want to get in on the Peanuts explosion.



7 Highlights of Machu Picchu

Julie goes to Machu Picchu and gives us her 7 Highlights of Peru

Julie goes to Machu Picchu and gives us her 7 Highlights of Peru

Julie Dolan, Liz Dolan and Lian Dolan on the show this Memorial Day Weekend.  Julie lives out your Bucket List fantasy: making the trek to Machu Picchu. Okay, she took a train and skipped the Incan Trail, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t feel the power of the Pichu. Listen to her  7 Highlights of Machu Picchu and Peru. 

Lian tells us about the importance of Awe in our lives. Can experiencing awe make us better people? Yes it can, according to Social Scientists. Read the article from the New York Times here. 

Liz has been watching TV all week for work and she gives each Satellite Sister a recommendation for the Fall TV Season: Oil, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Family.

Medical Update from Liz! Why is her eye-twitching? She’ll tell us.

Lian has a toast moment, thanks to Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl

Our Morningstar cousins: Beth, Martha, Sue, Mary and Anne.

Our Morningstar cousins: Beth, Martha, Sue, Mary and Anne in 2014 at a Morningstar family reunion.Hence the lobster t-shirts. We’ll miss you, Anne.

Plus, we say goodbye to our beautiful cousin Anne. Funny, smart and kind. A wonderful mother, grandmother, teacher, sister and cousin.

Thanks to John Fullbright for the use of his song, Keeping Hope Alive from his album Songs (2014). For more information, click here.